About Us

Mission for Change: Empowering Communities, Inspiring Justice

Un-White: A queer, BIPOC, woman-owned brand, boldly challenges gentrification, rejects colonization, and strives to dismantle settler colonialism. Our mission is to create clothing and gear that serve as symbols of resistance, empowerment, and solidarity.

We stand against oppression, advocating for Black Lives, Queer rights, and the liberation of indigenous lands. Un-White is dedicated to providing BIPOC communities with the financial resources and tools needed to break free from the influence of whiteness and colonial structures.

100% of net profits from each limited release apparel or gear line, and a minimum of 15% of standard sales (100% during an active initiative), is allocated to supporting causes vital to our communities. This financial contribution serves as a tangible expression of our commitment to justice and equity, reinforcing our collective fight for a better world.

In an effort to combat the harms of capitalism, Un-White places financial transparency at its core. We pledge to openly communicate the impact of your support, providing detailed breakdowns of the percentage of profits that are pledged to social causes. We will not only keep receipts, but we will share them with our supporters as well, fostering trust and accountability in our shared journey towards a more just and inclusive future.

Our brand envisions a world where diversity is celebrated, marginalized voices are amplified, and the echoes of oppression are replaced by the chorus of liberation.

Un-White: More than just apparel – a movement where every purchase makes a difference.